I started really getting into E-com Photography during Lockdown in 2020. It was my main clients during this time keeping me busy. I then had the pleasure of some local clothing companies bringing models into the studio soon after.

The studio is a great space for all the "content" clients need these days to keep up with the social media aspect of the business side. We were able to created the tiktoks, reels for instagram & bts videos for stories both on Insta and FB.

This day and age with technology being so easily accessible- Social media is the best way to sell your product and market it correctly.With the right tools and images I can help you where you need to be.

I allow clients to video their own content, videos and bts while shooting their products.

You may also hire the studio at reasonable rate if you wanted to spend some time in the natural light studio getting the shots you need....Please get in touch if this is something you would like to do.

On Location

Like above I am also available to come to you! If you have your own space or you would like to hire a studio that fits your needs, I am flexible and will come to you.